07 12 / 2012

On my Mac Mini connected to Time Capsule, I would often get a Server Connections Interrupted message like this.


It serves no¬†purpose, because the connection is reestablished automatically, but the dialog doesn’t go away without a click. This is a major pain if your Mini is attached to your TV and you control it with a remote alone.

The fix took me months to find. It was in the middle of a Apple Support Forum thread and most of the people posting in it just ignored it completely!

The fix is to kill 


The following steps should sort you out:

  1. Click on the spotlight icon (magnifying glass) in the upper right of your screen
  2. Type in ‘terminal’
  3. Click the ‘Terminal’ icon (black with white border) under applications
  4. Type in the following command and hit enter: ‘sudo mv /System/Library/LoginPlugins/FSDisconnect.loginPlugin /System’
  5. It will prompt you for your user password. Type it and hit enter again
  6. Reboot

This just moves the plugin so you can restore it again if needed.

(Source: discussions.apple.com)